Electronic Cigarette Will Change Cancer Rates Forever

Statistically speaking, lung cancer is still a massive killer. Smoking related disease, illness, and cancer is still a major problem globally despite all of the education and known health risks associated with this nasty habit.

Thank God, there is finally a decent alternative… one that can still feed the nicotine addiction, but not bring any of the harmful tar, chemicals and elements that destroy people’s lungs, throats, air, and more.

Electronic Ciagarettes and Vaporizer Pens are the future. Not only are they an amazing little piece of technology that’s fun, they provide a viable alternative to the habit.

And, I will go out on a limb right now and predict that this technology will flat out make a massive dent in cancer deaths and lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer and other smoking related cancer rates altogether. Get rid of the harmful junk and bring in the new technology, and its absolutely bound to happen.

Just look at the Google trends stats right now on searches for e-cigarettes, vaping kits, etc. and you’ll find that this is an exploding industry that is only the beginning. Before you know it, most smokers will be making the switch. It will save them money, and it will save them their lives and their ability to lead a healthy and active lifestyle without killing themselves.

The movement of the cigarette is still there, you can still take your smoke breaks and you can even get vape that has nicotine in it, which nobody has really proved to be problematic or detrimental to our health at all… its likely not the nicotine at all that’s a problem. Sure its the thing that causes the addiction, but getting addicted to something without black tar and harmful chemicals is not that bad of a thing at all. Nicotine is only bad when its pulling you into an actual cigarette.

So, if you smoke, check out this alternative, and enjoy the process of quitting for yourself, for your family and people that love you and would like to see you live longer. Kiss the odds of cancer by smoking goodbye, and pull yourself off the possible cancer rate stats list due to smoking!

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Deep Healing in Tissue Through Massage

There are incredible bodily healing benefits in the process and work of deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is an ancient form of body work that is designed to penetrate the inner layers of tissue found in the fibers of our skin and muscle.

When performed correctly, deep tissue massage can free up harmful and deadly toxins and release them for the body’s immune system to shovel out of the body. It is very important to have your inner layers massaged and toxic material released to prevent disease.

An expert 1 hour deep tissue massage session averages between $100 to $200 depending on the area, and the level of experience and expertise. The money is well worth it, as it will leave you not only detoxified, but destressed, enabling you to reset your mind and get a break.

Most professional massage therapists will have a choice between male or female deep tissue massage specialists so that you can make a choice based on your personal comfort.

One of the best professional deep tissue massage experiences I have personally had was with Unity Healing Arts, a massage therapy paradise in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. They offer swedish massages, hot stone massages, and deep tissue massages, amongst other massage therapy services. I would highly recommend them if you are ever in the beautiful western part of North Carolina.

I often enjoy massage therapy on vacation when I am visiting various retreat centers and luxury hotels, but there is nothing like getting on a regiment and schedule with someone you trust and are familiar with back in your home town. I would encourage you to find a local massage therapist that understands the benefits and healing qualities to what the massage process will mean to your life and to your body. Setup a weekly or even monthly schedule and watch how the routine changes your body, stress levels and mindset!